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United Concordia Dental Insurance

Insurance coverage formsAccording to a poll conducted by a major dental insurance provider, more patients forego visiting their dentist because they’re concerned with costs than for any other reason, including phobia and anxiety. At South Arlington Dental Care, we never want patients to worry about the cost of their dental care. That’s why we always offer clarity of pricing for our patients. We take the time to explain every aspect of your treatment plan, maximize any dental insurance coverage, and provide accurate estimates of what your out of pocket treatment costs will be. In addition to processing and filing claims for the majority of PPO dental benefit plans, we are also in-network providers for many of the major insurance plans, including United Concordia. If you’re covered by United Concordia or any other PPO dental insurance plan, please let our team know. We’ll be happy to review your policy and help you maximize your benefits. Give our Arlington dental office a call to find out more or schedule an appointment with our caring dentists and team.

Understanding Your Benefit Plan

Smiling senior woman holding an appleWe know that, for most patients, dental insurance policies seem like little more than a random collection of jargon. Luckily for our Arlington dental patients, the South Arlington Dental Care team processes and files dental insurance claims on a daily basis, so we can help you maximize your coverage. We can even help you better understand your dental benefit plan, so please don’t hesitate to ask about your specific policy. Simply put, your United Concordia policy will work as follows:

  • Every month, you and/or your employer will pay a premium
  • Your insurance company uses this premium to offer coverage for a percentage of preventive and restorative dentistry services as well as orthodontics and sedation when elected
  • United Concordia’s covered treatment percentage is based on a fair and average price that they set
  • In-network dentists, like our dental office, agree to charge this price for specific treatments
  • That means you only need to pay for your out of pocket percentage of the insurer’s fair pricing
  • Out of network dentists may charge higher fees, but you will need to pay the difference for higher prices as well as the out of pocket treatment costs

No Insurance? No Problem!

Smiling man in dental chair giving thumbs upFor those patients without traditional dental insurance coverage, we are happy to offer our VIP Savings Plan. This dental savings plan allows you to fit necessary dental services into your budget. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about our savings plan during your next visit.

Financing Options

Smiling man and womanAt the time of service, we do ask that patients pay the out of pocket portion of their treatment costs. We accept payment in cash, check, or major credit card. If you need to spread the cost of dental treatment across several months, we are happy to work with CareCredit to provide low and no interest financing plans for qualified patients. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us about your financing options. Our team is always happy to help you budget for your dental care.