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Dentures – Arlington, TX

No Need to Live with Missing Teeth

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Whether it’s due to trauma or the ultimate result of poor oral health, missing teeth can have a huge impact on your life; eating is much more difficult, it can be hard to speak properly, and you become more reluctant to smile in public. To help patients overcome these inconveniences, Dr. Prachi D. Shah is happy to offer dentures to replace multiple teeth in the jaw; if you need restorative work done, schedule a consultation with us today.

What are Dentures?


Dentures have been used for hundreds of years in one form or another as a replacement for missing teeth. They’re custom-made based on impressions of your mouth in order to create a comfortable fit. Full dentures are used when all of your teeth are missing, but if there are still some left, partial dentures that employ a metal framework are used instead.

Benefits of Dentures

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Gaps in your mouth can affect your self-image, but dentures can fully restore your smile, giving you a boost in confidence. They also help support your facial structure, which is normally negatively affected by missing teeth; your face and jaw will retain a younger look.

Of course, dentures have practical benefits as well. They’ll restore your ability to chew, and while your dentist may set some diet restrictions, you’ll be able to enjoy most of your favorite foods again. Talking with dentures may feel funny at first, but after you get used to them, you’ll find that you’re able to speak normally again.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Dentures on implants

One limitation of traditional dentures is that they have no effect on bone loss. The jawbone relies on stimulation from the teeth to stay healthy and strong, so when they’re gone, the unused portion of the bone starts to deteriorate. However, dental implants – metal posts surgically placed in the jaw and permanently joined through osseointegration – can mimic the stimulation of natural teeth, preventive negative changes to the jawbone.

Dentures can be retained by dentures in order to reap the health benefits. Additionally, they’re more secure than traditional dentures and provide even better chewing power. If you’re interested in implant-retained dentures, talk to Dr. Shah; she can examine your overall oral health and determine whether you’d be a good candidate for the procedure.

Taking Care of Dentures

Normally, dentures last 5 to 8 years before they need to be replaced due to wear and tear or changes in your mouth. You can help make sure you get the most out of your false teeth by:

  • Handling them with care; never drop them onto a hard surface.
  • Rinsing them after every meal.
  • Using a denture cleaner; hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid can also be used.
  • Keeping them immersed in soaking solution or water when not in use.

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