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Your Arlington Aetna Dental Insurance Providers

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Dental insurance makes it possible for many dentistry patients to receive the care they need within their budgets. At South Arlington Dental Care, we are dedicated to offering patients affordable dentistry services. Processing and filing dental insurance claims is one of the many ways we’re able to assist our patients in fitting necessary dental care into their budgets. We are also in-network dentistry providers for many insurers, including Aetna. We are happy to answer any questions you have about your Aetna dental insurance plan or schedule a consultation appointment to discuss how your benefit plan will cover the cost of specific treatments. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Arlington dentistry practice to find out more or schedule an appointment with us. We look forward to helping you achieve and maintain your healthiest smiles.

Understanding Your Benefits

Every dental benefit plan is a unique contract between patients and their insurers. That means two Aetna dental insurance patients may have different coverage. It’s difficult to provide precise information without reviewing your specific benefit plan. However, patients insured by Aetna can typically expect to receive the following coverage:

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Before we begin your dental treatment, we will be happy to complete preapproval claims to verify that you’ll receive coverage. For patients in need of more advanced services, this ensures treatment is affordable.

Why is an In-Network Dentist Important?

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In-network dentists have established relationships with insurers that make 100% sure our patients receive the maximum insurance coverage with the lowest out of pocket costs for their dental care. Dental insurance plans set fair and average prices for dentistry services, and in-network dentists charge fees for their services that fall within the average price as set out by the insurer. Out of network dentists can charge higher fees for their services, but you are responsible for the difference in price as well as the out of pocket treatment costs.

Maximize Insurance with Preventive Care

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The easiest way to ensure you receive the maximum dental insurance coverage is also the best way to keep your smile whole and healthy. Preventive dentistry services typically receive the highest coverage from insurers and visiting our office every six months for preventive dental care is the best way to prevent the need for more advanced oral health services that receive reduced insurance coverage. Scheduling your dental checkups is the easiest way to minimize out of pocket costs associated with dental care, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly Arlington dentistry team.