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Candid Clear Aligners – Pantego, TX

The Clearly Better Way to Straighten Smiles

Would you like to straighten your teeth but the thought of braces intimidates you? Although metal braces certainly have had a valuable purpose and place in orthodontics, clear aligner technology is impossible to ignore. Specifically, Candid clear aligners make it easier than ever to straighten teeth sans metal. Through this treatment, you can avoid drawing the wrong kind of attention to your smile and realign your teeth more comfortably and more subtly.

How Candid Clear Aligners Work

closeup of a clear aligner in Pantego (for how it works section)

To start, Dr. Shah will meet with you to examine your smile and make sure you’re a good fit for this treatment. Then, she will take impressions of your mouth and design a plan to address your alignment problems. When the first set of aligners is ready, you wear them basically all the time—except when you eat, drink anything other than water, and perform regular oral care. Following our instructions, you’ll switch to the next set, which takes you one step closer to the final results.

Indications for Candid Clear Aligners

crooked teeth indicating the need for Candid clear aligners in Pantego

Although clear aligners aren’t ideal for every patient, the Candid treatment helps patients with a wide range of problems. For instance, this solution can be used to address the following:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Bite alignment issues, such as open bite, cross bite, and over bite

Unlike Invisalign, which can only work for mild to moderate misalignment cases, Candid clear aligners can make more advanced alterations, allowing us to treat more patients.

The Benefits of Candid Clear Aligners

woman smiling and pointing at her smile (for benefits of Candid clear aligners section)

In addition to being perfectly clear and unnoticeable, Candid clear aligners have many advantages over traditional orthodontic treatment. For example, with this system, you will likely have fewer appointments than you would with normal metal braces, which have to be adjusted frequently. Instead, you can transition to the new set of aligners on your own as instructed.

These clear aligners also offer these advantages you won’t get with brackets and wires:

  • No diet restrictions. You can eat whatever you want because you remove the aligners.
  • Easy oral maintenance. No need to negotiate your toothbrush and floss around cumbersome hardware.
  • Little to no irritation. The smooth plastic feels comfortable on soft tissues.
  • No attachments or buttons. The aligners are designed to do all the work subtly.

How Much Do Candid Clear Aligners Cost?

woman holding a piggy bank for the cost of Candid clear aligners section

Like many other treatments in dentistry, the amount you pay will depend mostly on the extent of the problem. For cases requiring more intensive care, the cost will be higher. As with Invisalign, some dental insurance policies may cover Candid treatment in benefits, lowering the cost you pay out-of-pocket; however, many do not. Regardless of your insurance coverage, we are willing to find a payment solution that works within your budget and can help you apply for financing if necessary.