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BlueCross BlueShield Dental Insurance

Dental insurance forms with approved stampFor those patients who are lucky enough to receive dental insurance coverage, we want to help you maximize your benefits. The South Arlington Dental Care team is happy to offer in-network dental insurance coverage for a number of PPO benefit plans, including BlueCross BlueShield. If you’re covered through BlueCross BlueShield dental insurance, please let us know before your first appointment. Our knowledgeable team members will help you review your unique insurance policy and plan to maximize your benefits. If you have questions about your insurance plan, please give our Arlington dentist and team a call. We’re happy to help.

Your Benefit Plan

Man in dental chair looking at smile in mirrorEvery dental insurance policy represents a personal contract between a patient, their employer, and an insurance provider. That means very few plans are exactly the same. Before we begin any treatment, we’ll carefully review your coverage with you and answer any questions you have. For more advanced treatments, we may recommend waiting until after we’ve submitted preauthorization before beginning treatment. This ensures you won’t have any billing surprises down the road. While every dental insurance plan is different, patients with BlueCross BlueShield coverage can typically expect the following:

In-Network VS Out of Network Care

Woman receiving dental examThere are two main types of dental insurance coverage, health maintenance organizations (HMO) and preferred provider organizations (PPO). We are not in-network with any HMO dental insurance providers, and these benefit plans do not typically cover care from out of network dentists. However, we do offer in-network coverage for many PPO plans. The difference between HMO and PPO plans is that, we can file insurance claims for PPO plans, even if they are not from one of our in-network insurers. A provider who is in-network with a PPO plan agrees to charge fees deemed fair by the insurer, and you will only need to pay the out pocket cost of care. Out of network dentists may charge higher fees for their services, but you will need to pay the difference in price and your percentage of the plan’s treatment fees out of pocket. In most cases, the difference in cost is minimal, but an in-network provider helps you avoid the need to pay any additional costs.

Preventive Maintenance to Maximize Insurance

Woman in dental chair giving thumbs upThe easiest way to keep your smile whole and healthy for life and maximize your dental insurance is the same thing – visiting our office every six months for dental checkups. During these preventive dentistry appointments, we carefully examine your smile for the early signs of oral health concerns and partner with you to avoid the majority of these. Those dental health issues that can’t be avoided are diagnosed in the earliest stages when the most conservative treatments are effective. That means you will almost always need preventive and restorative treatment that receives the highest percentage of dental insurance coverage.

The VIP Savings Plan

In addition to processing and filing traditional dental insurance claims, we provide an in-house savings plan for those patients who don’t have insurance coverage. In most cases, your dental insurance coverage is elective, so please feel free to ask us to discuss how the VIP Savings Plan compares with your current plan before it’s time to renew your insurance package. We may be able to help you stretch your dental care budget a little further.