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Orthodontics – Arlington, TX

Giving Smiles the Treatment They Deserve

At South Arlington Dental Care, our team of expert dental professionals understand the importance of orthodontics. Not only is it designed to improve the smiles of patients, but it also serves to generate better overall oral health, making it easier for them to maintain healthier smiles for the rest of their life. Through the use of Invisalign and Six Month Smiles, our patients can avoid wearing traditional braces for years and instead, achieve their desired results in a significantly shorter amount of time. One of our dentists is ready to help you start on your journey to a new and improved smile, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

The Benefits of Having Straighter Teeth

A young woman smiling

If you think your eyes are the first thing people notice about you, it’s actually your smile. Whether it’s someone walking down the street or a potential employer, your smile says a lot about you, which means, it’s important to maintain good oral health. This doesn’t just mean keeping your mouth free from cavities or gum disease. It also means displaying teeth that are straight and in ideal alignment.

If you’re wondering why it’s so important to have straight teeth, here are a few reasons why:

  • They’re easier to keep clean: When your teeth are crooked or misaligned, it’s easier for food and bacteria to become trapped, making it harder to clean. Straight teeth make it easy to floss between and clean around, eliminating the potential for tooth decay.
  • They offer a more aesthetically pleasing appearance: Going for a job interview? Expect that the interviewer will take notice of your smile in the beginning. If you maintain a healthy-looking smile, it shows that you can pride in your appearance and overall health.
  • It lessens the chances of you developing systemic problems: A healthier mouth means a healthier body, so if your teeth are straight and you’re keeping them clean, you’ll be less likely to develop problems with your heart or brain.
  • It means more money in your pocket: If you want to stay out of the dentist chair or plunk thousands of dollars into extensive dental surgeries, you’ll make sure your teeth and bite are in alignment.

Now that you know why it’s important to keep your teeth straight, here some ways you can make it happen:


A woman wearing Invisalign aligners

This method of teeth straightening offers patients an alternative using clear, plastic aligners to achieve desired results. If you want a more discreet form of treatment, Invisalign might just be right for you. Not only will your treatment be faster, but you’ll continue enjoying your favorite foods while maintaining a natural look throughout your treatment. Invisalign aligners allow adults and older teens to have a more flexible option when it comes to straightening their teeth or realigning their bite. Just swap out your custom-made aligners every two weeks and watch as your teeth gently shift in the right direction. There’s no harsh brackets or wires and no frequent visits to the cosmetic dentist for wire tightening, just a smoother, more discreet way to straighten your teeth.

Six Month Smiles

A woman wearing braces with clear brackets and wires

If you want an even faster solution to a straighter smile, Six Month Smiles can, in fact, have you seeing a new and improved smile in just six months! Whether you have a bite alignment issue, overcrowding, or even spaces between your teeth, Six Months Smiles can be the answer to your dental problems. Using clear brackets and wires, your braces will be hardly noticeable to others. You’ll be able to maintain a more aesthetically pleasing appearance while receiving treatment, and every four to five weeks, you’ll see Dr. Shah for necessary adjustments.

Candid Clear Aligners

woman smiling and holding Candid clear aligners in Pantego

If you have more serious alignment issues that cannot be resolved with Invisalign, you may still be able to benefit from clear aligner technology. Dr. Shah may recommend Candid clear aligners, which are plastic trays that blend in seamlessly with your teeth while gently moving them into the desired position. As a result, you can achieve the results you want without drawing unwanted attention to your smile during treatment.

Learn More About Candid Clear Aligners

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