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Knocked-Out Tooth – South Arlington, TX

Why You Need to See a Dentist Now

A young man with dental pain.

For some dental emergencies, you can wait a little while before you get to a dentist’s office. However, there are few dental emergencies as urgent as a knocked-out tooth in South Arlington, a situation where an emergency visit is absolutely necessary. If you find yourself in this circumstance, get in touch with Dr. Shah and she will do everything she can to see you the same day that it occurs. Doing so could mean the difference between saving your tooth and losing it for good.

Why Having an Available Dentist Matters

A young woman covering her mouth.

When a tooth is knocked out, you do not have much time to actually address it. In fact, most teeth that have been knocked out of the tooth are only salvageable for replacement for about one hour. Once that window closes, the tooth can no longer be effectively placed inside of the mouth. From there, your only options are to consider tooth replacement.

When you have a dentist to call, you spend less time searching for one in your area or confirming if they’ll accept your dental benefits. Just like having a hospital or doctor to visit in case of a medical emergency, you should have a dentist who can see you for urgent care, ideally the same day.

How Can a Tooth Become Knocked-Out?

A wrecking ball crashing onto a tooth.

One of the most common reasons a tooth is knocked out is because of physical trauma. This could occur from a bad fall, either at home or while you’re out. However, physical injuries are more common when playing sports. Participating in activities like football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and other sports where the chance for impact is high inherently puts you at higher risk for oral injury. This is why wearing the right protective gear makes a difference.

What You Need to Do Right Now

A woman giving a thumbs-up at a dental office.

The moment your tooth is knocked out of your mouth, start by looking for the tooth. If found, pick it up by the crown portion only and do not touch the root (pointed) end of the tooth. If you see any tissue still attached, leave it that way. After gently rinsing your mouth out with warm water and carefully removing any dirt or debris from the tooth, place it back into your open socket. This will keep it preserved for the time being. If the tooth does not stay in place, even after carefully biting down, you can keep it in a container of milk, salt water, saline solution, or saliva if nothing else is available. You can also take ibuprofen and apply a cold compress to your face to alleviate any pain and reduce facial swelling.

Your Treatment Options Moving Forward

Dentist helping patient with a knocked-out tooth in South Arlington.

When you arrive at our office, we’ll do everything possible to save the tooth and get it back into your open socket so it can heal properly. Assuming we aren’t able to place the tooth back into your mouth, your tooth replacement options include dental bridges and dental implants. Both come with their own unique differences that we’ll go over if the tooth cannot be saved.