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Root Canal – Arlington, TX

Saving Your Natural Tooth

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You’ve likely heard someone say, “I’d rather have a root canal,” when talking about something unpleasant. Many people associate a root canal with severe pain and try to avoid going to the dentist for this treatment. But it’s not as bad as its mythical reputation makes it out to be. Root canal therapy doesn’t cause pain; in fact, it is the very thing that removes pain and spares you from having a tooth extracted. Plus, Dr. Shah has the expertise and gentle touch to address the problem without discomfort. If you know that your tooth needs a root canal, don’t put off coming to our team for help. We can get you back to full oral health in no time!

Why would I need a root canal?

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Whether you experience pain or not, the purpose of root canal therapy is to remove diseased pulp or innermost layer of your tooth and protect the rest of your healthy tooth structure. When you have tooth decay or severe damage to your tooth, the pulp becomes exposed to harmful bacteria. Without intervention, the infection can encompass the entire tooth, spread to other teeth or to your jaw and supporting tissues, and potentially cause serious, permanent damage. Ultimately, you could end up needing teeth extracted and medical treatment to eliminate the infection. A root canal is the procedure that can stop it from spreading, relieve your pain, and save your natural tooth for a lifetime.

How can I prevent a root canal?

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You likely already know that maintaining healthy oral habits on a daily basis—through brushing and flossing—can help keep your mouth healthy. But another equally important part of your oral care entails coming to our Arlington office twice every year for dental checkups and cleanings. We can identify problems while they’re in the early stages of development and are much easier to treat. We can also prevent future issues from happening by removing plaque buildup. That way, you enjoy your natural teeth for longer and avoid any unnecessary pain and treatment.

What is the process for getting a root canal?

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When you need a root canal, Dr. Shah will follow this process:

  • You will receive a local anesthetic, which will alleviate your pain and prevent you from feeling anything during the treatment.
  • Shah will access the inner chamber of your tooth and remove the infected or damaged portions to make sure that only healthy, clean structure is left behind.
  • Then, she will seal off this chamber to prevent future disease and will either place a tooth-colored filling or a temporary crown until your permanent one is ready.
  • Later when it’s finished, you’ll return to our office so that Dr. Shah can affix your crown into place, fully restoring your tooth.

In just two appointments, you could have your tooth’s full function and health back.

What happens after a root canal?

Following a root canal, your experience should be somewhat similar to recovering from getting a cavity filled. However, you may have some soreness or mild pain, but it should subside within a couple days. You can manage the pain with over-the-counter medicine. If you experience swelling or if the pain doesn’t go away, call our Arlington office right away. In order to ensure that your treated tooth remains healthy after a root canal, you need to continue brushing and flossing daily and visiting us at South Arlington Dental Care for checkups and cleanings twice a year. That way, you can keep your smile happy and healthy for years to come!

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