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South Arlington Dental Care Blog

How Can These 3 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Benefit You?

August 7, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — drshah @ 5:45 pm

A woman with a beautiful smileThere’s no denying that everyone loves a great smile. In fact, studies have shown that smiling makes you feel happier and is more pleasurable to your brain than eating chocolate. It also makes you look younger, thinner, more intelligent and more likable! But what about the millions of Americans who don’t feel confident about the way their smile looks? It’s hard to flash your pearly-whites if you don’t like the way they look. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile and give you the self-confidence to show it off as well. Keep reading to learn what 3 of the most common cosmetic procedures can do for you!


Six Month Smiles vs. Braces – Your Arlington Dentist Compares the Two

July 31, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — drshah @ 4:12 pm

woman smiling wearing clear bracesThe world of dentistry is ever-evolving and changing, which means that patients have more options than in times past for correcting bite issues. If you’re dealing with crowding, gaps, crookedness or misalignment, then you have more than just the traditional braces option to correct your smile. One of the newer methods available is Six Months Smiles, which offers some attractive benefits. As you read on, we compare the two procedures, so you can get an idea of which is better for you.


Dental Implant Materials

June 30, 2018

Dentist showing patient implant post modelAs dental implants become an ever more popular solution to replace any number of missing teeth, patients have a lot of questions. One of the most common questions dentists hear is, “What are implants made of?” There are a number of different materials available, and each material has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. The longest used and best-tested implant material is titanium, but many other options are now available. There are three main classes of materials used to create dental implants – metal, ceramic, and polymer. In this post, we’ll discuss each of these common dental implant materials and which offers the best results.

Stay Prepared with Your Emergency Dentist in Arlington

May 30, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — drshah @ 5:43 pm

man dental painUnfortunately, you can’t control everything in life. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be any dental accidents because patients want to keep their smile’s in good health and aesthetics! That’s just not how life works, though. Dental emergencies are real, and you need to know what to do when they occur. Thankfully, your emergency dentist in Arlington is here to help you prepare for that moment just in case it unexpectedly happens to you.


Restorations Can Be Beautiful from a Dentist in Arlington!

April 7, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — drshah @ 4:45 pm

woman smilingHave you suffered from dental damage that’s now causing you pain? There are many reasons why dental damage may occur, but only one real thing you can do about it: get help from your dentist in Arlington!

Dental damage can be easier to repair than you think—especially when you have a dentist on your team that has the appropriate resources, training, and materials to help you.  In fact, there are a few options to choose from when you consider restoring your smile with dental crowns or even filling a tooth’s painful cavity. Learn more about your options in this week’s blog post.


Tips from Your Family Dentist in Arlington when Considering Braces

December 16, 2017

Filed under: Family Dentistry — Tags: — drshah @ 4:06 pm

Young girl with bracesAfter a recent visit to your family dentist in Arlington, did they recommend that your child gets braces to correct their bite and alignment issues? Although you know that it will be beneficial to their oral health and development, you still have many questions about the treatment prior to making your final decision. To ensure that you make the best choice for your child, there are several things you should consider prior to committing to them.

Your Dentist Explains Why Preventive Care Is So Important for Children

October 3, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — drshah @ 7:20 pm

smiling little boyA child’s smile is priceless. When they’re proud, excited, grateful, or just being silly, you love to see your little one open their mouth and show their emotions with a big grin. However, that beautiful and touching smile could suffer without proper preventive dental care. Your dentist in Arlington is here to explain why such care is so important for kids and how you can teach your children to adopt excellent oral health habits.


Keep Care Affordable by Maximizing Your Dental Benefits

September 4, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — drshah @ 9:26 pm

Dental insurance formWhen it comes to maintaining oral health, many rely on their dental insurance to keep costs within their budget. Now, over 77% of Americans have coverage; however, according to a survey by the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center, the cost of services is still a leading reason people do not go to their dentist regularly. Often, it is because many do not understand how their benefits work. They remain unsure about what procedures and treatments are covered. As a result, they simply skip their appointments until after a significant problem develops.

5 Ways To Care For Kids Teeth From Your Dentist In Arlington

June 21, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — drshah @ 11:38 am

Wondering how you can set your kids up for a lifetime of dental success? Use these suggestions from your dentist in Arlington. In life, there’s almost no greater joy than being a parent – seeing your children smile at you fills you with so much pride and gratitude, it’s almost indescribable with words. And when they grin, you think about what you’re doing to help them maintain a radiant grin their entire lives. Your dentist in Arlington agrees completely with this thought process. That’s why the team at South Arlington Dental Care shares these top 5 ways to care for your children’s smile. (more…)

Emergency Dentist in Arlington: Fixing a Chipped Tooth

March 30, 2017

Emergency dentist in Arlington uses composite resin bonding.Get hit in the mouth with a softball. Fall on slippery steps. All these scenarios can cause cracked and chipped teeth. Your emergency dentist in Arlington, Dr. Prachi D. Shah, has the expertise to repair your oral injuries. Her cosmetic and restorative procedures erase damage quickly, and her kind manner eases the most stressful of situations. (more…)

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